by Fitness Active Pro

✅ EASY & FAST RANGE: This compact weight training machine for your abs is convenient, easy to assemble and store. In 30 seconds you are ready to start. Insert the wheel into the metal handle and then close it by firmly fastening the second handle. That’s it ! Moreover, once disassembled, this roller for abdominals does not take place.
✅ GOOD STABILITY, ROBUST & SOLID: Finished the wheels of poor quality. With Fitness Active Pro you have in your hands a product that has been developed with a group of crossfinders FRANÇAIS to ensure you a high quality product and that will keep you in the long term. It is not a low-end plastic. Stainless steel bar that can hold up to 200kg.
✅OFFER: WIDE MATS THAT PROTECT YOUR KNEES: This wheel will allow you to work hard on your arms (biceps, triceps), bust (pecs), back and will help you to strengthen your abdominal strap (sheathing). Ideal for strengthening your body at low prices. Your lap will not suffer because our LAAARGE carpet is specially adapted to the European market (not Chinese as other products), soft, and high quality foam.
ERGONOMIC COMFORT + COMFORTABLE GRIP: You will love the grip of your Fitness Active Pro wheel, because the foam that surrounds the wrists is soft and will avoid slipping. Even with sweaty, sweaty hands. Ideal maintenance and required not to hurt yourself unfairly in contrast to poor quality Chinese products.
✅ CUSTOMER SERVICE 100% ENGLISH – SATISFIED OR REFUNDED! Your health is important to us, and that is why we have manufactured this product to the highest standards of quality. Strength, grip, and wide rugs will ensure that you can give the best of yourself during exercise. SAY YES to the sculpture of your abdominal strap. Strengthening your guaranteed abs. ADD TO BASKET NOW
EAN Manufacturer Part Number: 0738246680013 (Black / Orange)